Sprint Management

Hassle-free sprint management system

Keep the team engaged with sprints. Allows you to create, track and allocate tasks from a single platform.

Organize and schedule team projects and sprints

Employer can

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    Create multiple projects, define client names and project colour themes.
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    Manage sprints within ongoing projects and set timelines and a rating system for multiple phases.
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    Track and define sprint status under – Ongoing, Pending and Completed.
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    Assign tasks to one or more team members with the simple Drag & Drop feature.
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    Add multiple phases in a sprint with task checklists and timelines.
Choose a view to monitor sprint status


An overview of the current sprint project

Organise task lists, phases, and assign team members with various tasks.


Employee View

A clutter-free view for tasks

Sprints or tasks can be viewed and assigned with status and person responsible. Schedule tasks with a simple drag option.

Global View

Manage individual and team tasks

As an employer or employee, you can view and manage all tasks in one single place.


Kanban View

Full visibility for maximum productivity

Flexible kanban view gives your team full visibility of the next steps.

Guest View

An overview of ongoing sprints for clarity

As an employer or employee, you can view, monitor and track status of ongoing and completed projects.


Filters & notifications

Advanced filters & due date alerts

Allows you to view either specific tasks or all projects according to your requirement. Sends timely notifications for an upcoming due date.

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