Reward Management

A pat on the back goes a long way

With an automated Reward Management dashboard, you can appreciate and encourage your team.

Nurture and encourage the team to grow

Employers can

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    Assign different rewards and specify the quantity for each level.
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    Reward employees fairly, equitably and consistently in accordance with their performances.
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    Keep a track of employee performance using our dynamic leaderboard.
How does it benefit employees?
The reward dashboard serves as a reminder to work harder.
Employees will receive tangible rewards for day-to-day sprints.
The bumper reward at the end of the year will keep every employee motivated.
An employee will be able to monitor their progress and focus on areas of improvement.
Nothing works better than appreciation as a motivator

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    Employees will enjoy working beyond set tasks.
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    Earning rewards will nurture a spirit of competitiveness within the team.
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    A culture of appreciation leads to a happy and motivated work environment.
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    Increase in peer-to-peer recognition within the team.
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